Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Fruits of our Labour

One of the things I feel very strongly about as a parent is teaching my kids where food comes from. So last spring Miss Logan and I planted some corn, tomato and cucumber. It was such a rewarding experience to watch her excitement as our plants grew and then fruited, and then to eat the fruits of our labour that at the end of summer we thought we would give carrots, onions and beetroot a go. Our yard doesn't allow for a massive veggie patch, so we only have a few of each and today was the special day that we pulled them up and ate them for dinner! It was so much fun. Miss Matilda could hardly believe her eyes when she tugged at the plant and out came 2 tiny carrots, (although I couldnt convince her to eat them). Our carrots didnt do so well, they looked more like marbles than carrots, but their taste was very sweet, and the rest of us enjoyed eating them.

I have never cooked or even eaten fresh beetroot before, I have only ever has the canned variety. My Mother in law told me how to cook it and that it was lovely with some potaoes, garlic onion, oil & vinegar. Boy was she right! I wish we had planted a heap more beetroot plants because our salad was sooo yummy! Even Matilda gave it a go (I think because it was pink!lol!)

The other thing that I learned today is that spring onions are baby brown onions. I picked a couple and we had them in our garden salad. What a completely satisfying day! Well maybe not for poor Daniel, I had him working on a new strawberry patch and a new garden bed for our lettuce!lol!

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