Friday, December 19, 2008

So Many People to Thank

I find at this time of the year there are many people who deserve your thanks, and two people who fall into this category are the lovely Ann & Eleanor who are the carers in Matilda's room at childcare. Matilda has struggled with separation issues and put up a really good fight with childcare, and these ladies have handled the situation so well.A few months ago I was ready to give up, and they asked me to reconsider and I am glad I did because lately Matilda has been walking in there telling me "I am going to have a good day today Mum!" funny for a two year old! She has been smiling, and saying goodbye rather than screaming the house down (which they assure me was always only for a few minutes, but distressing never the less). Anyway, for Christmas I gave them some lovely bath bombs and put them into a "bag in a box", and I made them what I consider to be an extra special card!
This card is a complete case from Karen Thomas, you should take the time to check out her blog, there are heaps of inspiring projects there, it is certainly a blog I frequent for inspiration! I hope that Ann & Eleanor like it too!


purple_cath said...

Cool card! I always like the ones that look a bit different or take a different form than normal cards. I check your blog most days - its great to see your creativity! Have a great christmas -xx-

JBassem said...

It looks like it's REALLY chocolate!