Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shannons Soccer Ball

I know my blog has been a little bit light on for content lately, but I cant seem to find the time for crafting much :( Too sad. Anyway, here is a little something that I took away from convention. In Shannon's circle scissors plus demo she made a card similar to this. Hers was a back & white ball, and far more perfect than mine, but can I just say that this was about attempt number 4 and those little six sided shapes (cant think of the correct name atm) were so hard to line up. Oh well, I am sure the little girl who wants to play soccer that I made this for will like it anyway!
Mandy Schiller has made an absolutely fabulous scrap page using a soccer ball for inspiration, you should check it out, it blew me away!


Karen said...

OMG!!! Yours turned out excellent!!! I gave one of these a try and lets just say it didnt work out very well and ended up in the bin! lol I agree - those little shapes are definitely hard to line up!


Liam said...

Very clever Leonie. I think it looks fab. great job. Oh and I think the word you were looking for was I know what is like too. I do the same thing on my blog.


Leigh said...

Like the soccer ball Leonie. How cool.

Philippa Petty said...

This is great Leo. I'm sure that the little girl who gets this will love it.

Amanda xx said...

Love the pink soccer ball! You did a fab job! All the attempts must have been frustrating, so well done on sticking with it (I probably would have given up after attempt 2!! LOL)