Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pony Party, Scalloped

I had been waiting (not so patiently) for my scallop die to arrive. I was hoping it would come on Friday but that was just wishful thinking. I expected it to come Tuesday (Monday being a public holiday!) and it didn't arrive, then when it had not arrived by lunch time today, I really wanted to cry! I wanted to use it in a class tonight! It finally arrived at around 3pm this afternoon, 5 hours before the class, but by then I had chopped card stock for my back up card, so it didn't get used after all. I did get a chance to have a little play though, here is what I made:
And last weekend, I did a fun run for MS with our good, good friend Gary! Here is a photo of our team on the very, very wet track!
There were twenty of us in our team "Gazza's Demons" and we had a great time in the rain, even though we all have cold now. Thank you soooo much to the beautiful people who donated to our efforts! It warms my heart to think of people sponsoring me whom I have only recently met face to face for the first time at convention! You are the absolute sweetest! I think stampers are the kindest, most generous people on the earth!


Mandy Schiller said...

Love that pony card it so sweet! Good on you for getting out there for the MS fun run. Looks like it was a bad day for weather, hats off to even more for that. I admire you Leonie for supporting such a great cause.


Patrice said...

Oh reading your first para I could totally relate, I've had similar experiences in the past. Glad it got to you in the end and love the gorgeous little card you made with your brand new scallop die.

Love the colourful 'demon' outfits. Good for you!

Liam said...

Beautiful card. it is gorgeous. I love the clouds under the pony. Well done.


Leigh said...

Such a cute card Leonie. So pleased you enjoyed yourself on the MS run even though it was so wet.

Debbie Pamment said...

Sooo sorry to hear you have a cold after your fun run -but soo glad you had fun doing it! Go Girl!