Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stampin Sister...In Law

The other night we all had dinner over at my Mother In Laws, so I decided to take along a couple of sets and some card stock and introduce my SIL to some stamping. She had very young children so we have not really had the opportunity to do this before, but I knew she would love it and she did! We had lots of fun.
We tried out the crayon resist technique on this one, which I have certainly seen around the traps, and have made before in a different colour combo myself.
And I thought we could make a fun kids card because we are always going to kids parties and it would definitely come in handy!
I am heading back today, so will probably be very tired and grumpy driving for 8 hours with 2 kids! But I am sure we have had a lovely time :)


Kylie said...

So did you get your SIL hooked?? My partner calls it a 'desease' as it just keeps spreading. lol. Great cards and all so different from each other. Love the crayon resist. Still yet to try that one!

Kylie xo

Philippa Petty said...

Well done Rochelle and these great card's. It's so good to see another person get hooked. Make sure she comes to the next workshop.

Leigh said...

Great cards Leonie. Good to get someone else interested in playing with craft goodies.