Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finally...time to breathe!

My goodness I have been a busy bee! No wonder I have been feeling so down and mojoless! Here is what I have been up to: 3 days after we got back from Thailand, my husband left for a camping trip and I had a workshop, these are 2 of the cards we made:I know that I got inspiration for this top card from somewhere on SCS but do you think I can find it again? No! So sorry if it is you, please let me know and I will give credit where credit is due! This bottom one is a case from Marelle Taylor's blog, isn't it gorgeous?

Then, last Saturday night my friend Phil came over for a bit of a stamping session. I was not really with it but I managed to make this card using her Fifth Avenue stamp set.
She brought over this darling little bag for me to see. They made them at a team meeting that I missed while I was away. I cant wait to have some time to make one!I used the same "faux leather" technique to re-create this card for my friend's birthday coming up:Sunday, Mother's Day and I had to go back to work! So sad! My Mum looked after my girls for me, and after work I had a coffee with her, then over to Hubby's Mum's for afternoon tea with her. Here is the front of my Mum's Mother's Day cardAnd this was the inside. As the card doesn't stand up I put a magnet on the back so she could put it on her fridge.
I made this one for my husbads Mum:The next week sort of went by in a blur, trying to get back in to the habit of getting up, dressed and ready for school by 8am, not fun! We got there in the end. My husband got back late Thursday afternoon, then Friday was straight into preparations for my baby Matilda's 3rd birthday which was Saturday. Here is the card that Philippa made for her using a Tilda stamp (of course):
And my friend Sarah made this card using a retired stamp set that I cant remember the name of but it is super cute:And I made this one for her using the retired Pretty Princess set. I am not sure if you can you tell nut my girl loves her bling bling? That is why we have a rhinestone encrusted crown & dress plus sparkly shoes, glittery centers of each flower and silver stars where ever they will fit!lol! All of these cards look so much better IRL, my camera seems to be playing up a bit since we got home from Thailand, maybe the humidity has messed with it, or maybe we changed a setting? I may have to try and find the manual.
And here is the birthday girl herself, looking like a complete angel in her new ladybug dress up!
Well, this has been a super long post, I hope that I have not bored you too much but now you are all caught you up with what has been happening in my world.


Debbie Pamment said...

See your mojo has made it back from Thailand after all!!! Love all the cards - especially the fifth ave one - that ribbon treatment is gorgeous! And your daughter is super cute and certainly got some lovely cards for her birthday!

Philippa Petty said...

Where to start. Well I had a great time at the workshop. My family liked the card's so much they stole them to give to friends and mum's.

I love your mothers day card. I have put those textured die cut flowers on my next to buy list. So bad.

I couldn't resist in making a tilda card for our little Tilda. I must say I made this one a while ago for the MDUC but I made it knowing that it was going to be for Matilda. After all she is our bling girl. I love the card you did. I forgot how much I love that set. And the ribbon looks so regal the was you did it.

And last but defiantly not least. The birthday girl herself. What a cutey.

Debbie M said...

Wow Leonie - No wonder you feel so down and drained - I feel worn out reading about everything you have gotten up to since your return! LOL But you definitly have your Mojo - your creations are beautiful!

Debbie M

Ramona Michaluk said...

WOW, some fabulous cards here Leonie. Sorry I haven't visited for awhile and look what I've missed !

I especially love your Rose card, Fifth Ave. Floral, little 3yr old Tilda - the floral ones are just stunning and little Tilda is just gorgeous with the bling on her shoes! Your mojo is definitely with you! Hope to catch up with you soon :-)