Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stampin Sunday

Actually, not so much of the stamping as it was punching, but that did not have the same ring to it! Our February workshop is based around a "punches" theme and I have seen a few things around cyber space that I have been wanting to give a go, in preparation. This first card was very unplanned, I knew I wanted to make a flower out of the oval shapes, but I did not really know how the card would turn out. It was a matter of sitting and playing (my favorite way to make cards!) I am pretty happy with the result. It is kind of cute huh? I think I should have used paper instead of ribbon for the stem and leaves though.
I made some grass with my paper snips, that was fun!And of course, chunky glitter, my favorite!I have been wanting to give this one a whirl for a very long time. The idea came from one of the first kind of "novelty cards" I came across on here on split coast way back when. I didn't have my computer on to the look up the original design so I just sketched it out on scrap paper and gave it a whirl. It was very fun and quick to make, so I made 2. I can give one to my hubby's Mum whose birthday is coming up in Feb...she loves to cook.


Philippa Petty said...

These are very cute. Love the use of the gingham ribbon we just got. Well done.

Debbie Pamment said...

Great ideas Leonie - I just love playing with punches and this gives me something new to try - tfs

Kellie said...

No I think the ribbon makes that card, you are so creative, I love it! I also really like the apron idea! There is an award for you over at xx