Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nancy's Challenge

Debbie posted a challenge over at her blog to go into your 6th file, find the 6th photo and post it! I think Sarah is going to actually kill me for this, but, sorry Sarah, this was 6 and 6! If you were not such a drinker I wouldn't have a photo like this to post!Just jokes, this photo was from a Girls Night In we had last year to raise money for Breast Cancer. It was a huge night with cocktails, BBQ dinner, choc fondue dessert and sing star! And as you can see from the photo, there was plenty to drink, lots of dancing, and can I add that Sarah would not normally drink from a wine bottle using a straw, but she has been either pregnant or breast feeding for the past 6 years and a girl is allowed to let loose every now and again (just don't it on front of a sneaky girl with a camera!) Just so you are not the only one, I will post some other embarrassing photos!
I thought it would be nice to finish off with the only half decent shot of the night:


Kellie said...

LOVE the photo's Leonie it looks like a blast! I had put you down on my blog for this challenge, I was just a bit slackola in letting people know....ooops. xx

Philippa Petty said...

Well I thought those photo's where lock in a vault somewhere. Alcohol is bad, bad, bad.

Ramona Michaluk said...

Great photos Leonie - looks like you girls had a fantastic time that night!

What better way to drink wine ?
(at least there's less chance of spilling it !) LOL