Monday, January 26, 2009

The Cold Case

It seems as though my five year old daughter has a case of the casing! She has been stamping and punching her little heart out these school holidays and her cards are getting better and better. I fear that before too long her cards will be better than mine! But, firstly, I want to say thanks to my friend Phil who has lent me her 'Looks like Spring' stamps & punch to play with, as well as a sample card. You can look at some of Phil's work here on her blog. She is very creative and has an awesome eye for color co-ordination. She is feeling like she has lost her mojo at the moment and doesn't know where to find it, so if you do check out her blog, be sure to leave a comment telling her how wonderful she is! Anyway, here is her sample card she sent over:
And this was Logan's Case:Pretty impressive huh? She also wanted to case my mermaid card from a few posts ago, here is her take on it:
I just had to help her out a couple of times with the punches because sometimes she doesn't have the strength to punch all the way through the card stock, and I had to show her how I made the sand too, but other than that, she did it all herself, not bad for a just turned five year old! Even folding the card exactly in half is impressive because only a few weeks ago, she couldn't do that. (Hey, I am her Mum, I am allowed to be impressed!)


Debbie Pamment said...

OH HOW CUTE - your poor hubby - 2 obsessed stampers in the family!

Kellie said...

Move over mum, here comes Logan! And I agree with Debbie, hehe. How much fun will you guys have though, she has done a wonderful job, well done Logan :) xx

Philippa Petty said...

Thanks love for the comment. Have been stampin heaps lately and am feeling the mojo back, slowly. My craft table has really helped me focus and not stress about having everything out all the time on the dining room table. I love that "Looks like springs" set. Lot's of great things you can do with it. Maybe I need to get that back off you. He He

Sarah said...

What a clever little girl Logan is - is she considering her own blog and tutorials??? I feel very honoured to have received the 'cased' card from her today. Oh, and I LOVE your peacock Leonie. Keep up the creative work Hegarty Girls.