Monday, October 6, 2008

Not Just Card Making

In Our house we have always had great success using a rewards chart for DD4, and now that DD2 has reached that special age of 2 it was time to begin rewarding her for her excellent sharing, listening and any other behaviours we have found a challenge! DD4's chart was made way back when, using pictures from the internet in a solar system theme, but now I have discovered Stampin' Up! products, DD2 chart was floating around in my brain, then when one of my friends, Sarah brought the 'Dragons & Dreams' set on ebay, the whols design came together:) You can seriously use stamping for anything!

So every time Matilda does something that we want to encourage she gets to move her fairy from the Fairy Nice stamp set up to the next flower, from the friendship blooms set, once she reaches the castle floating in the clouds, from the Dragons and Dreams set, she gets a reward and we make a very big fuss. Her rewards are simple things like choosing an extra story at bed time, a sticker, a special trip to the park. Its more about the fuss we make over the good behaviours. We don't go backwards on Matilda's chart yet because there are way too many negative behaviours at the moment and I don't think that she would understand it anyway.

I stamped each of the flowers in a different color and cut them out. I stamped the castle and colored using my pencils and blender pens. I did the title using my printer. I adhered it all and covered with clear contact. I stamped and colored the fairy,cut her out and covered in contact and we use bluetac on her back to keep her stuck. Matilda loves it and it has been a very positive move in our house, and now, of course, Logan wants a new rewards chart too! lol!

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea!! Must see how I can do that for the Mr's in my household... :)