Monday, May 9, 2011

Memories of Convention

I have been so very busy with my studies and life in general that craft and blogging takes a back seat, but I have a brief break in between units, and I plan to craft my butt off! lol!

This is something I have been working on for a little while. It is a shadow box for my craft room that captures my fond memories of the Stampin Up convention last year.
I got some fantastic new glitter pens from paperific expo that make blinging up a piece of chipboard a breeze, check out my candelabra and fancy crackle paint on the frame of the shadow box:
I wanted to have a little bit of everything in my frame, so I printed tiny photos and made them into a few photo strips - Here we are entering convention, on the plane, and when I won a prize
And here we are out in the lane at midnight during a fire drill, meeting Shelli, at the casino, Amanda taking photos (as all good scrappers should!), team shot, singing karaoke, out for dinner, the paparazzi who snapped our photos coming into the awards dinner, meeting Shelli again (can you tell it was a major highlight for me?) and out in the rain seeing the sights on Sydney!
We had such an amazing weekend, that I want to remember every second! Here is a pic of Philippa and I at the awards ceremony, does it look like we had fun?
I couldn't help but include this photo, nothing at all to do with convention though! Philippa and I were at the paperific expo for all of two minutes when an announcement was made that the people doing a make and take at this stand would win a prize, lucky for Philippa, she was doing one!


Christine Blain said...

Oh, this is FABULOUS, Leonie! You were so full of joy at Convention last year, and your photos capture that perfectly (I especially love the one of you and Philippa celebrating!). Beautiful way to keep these memories close.

Robyn said...

Very cool! Looking forward to seeing more "break time" creations!

Philippa Petty said...

I have just popped up my convention shadow box and link back to yours so people can see yours too. Wow I forgot how nice it was. Great job on the photo's you took for your blog. I can never seem to get a good photo. I think maybe I need a good camera. My iphone just doesn't cut it any more. Ive said it before and I will say it again. Your shadow box is amazing. xx