Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Seriously Happy Mail Box

I love having clever friends! It really makes birthdays special when you get to open a card that one of your nearest and dearest has created especially for you! Here are a couple I recently got for my birthday:
This first one was made by Philippa and she has used one of my all time fav sets, fabulous flowers (retired), and this one is by my good friend, Sarah, who first introduced me to Stampin Up,
Fellow Team Member, the clever and oh, so talented Alison Wade
Another fellow team member, Kylie StevensI got this fun and bright card (to brighten up my freezing winter day) off my friend Adele. Our daughters have become BFF's, and as it turns out, Adele and I went to school together, and she is a fan of paper craft and Stampin Up too, kindred spirits!
My clever friend Narelle, who I have known most of my life, has just discovered the love of paper craft and is fast becoming quite the card maker:
He, he, this one was from my very good friend Philippa who recently had knee surgery. To help her out, I offered to do some of her housework as she had to stay off her feet for 4 weeks. All was going well until the last week when I did by back and had her running around after me on her crutches! lol! Ahhh, what are friends for?
And the very clever Kathryn who had just had a new baby sent out these lovely thank you's:
This one was from Mandy Schiller from a while back, to say thank you for a Twilight inspired book mark I made for her:
I joined a secret sister swap a while back and sadly my sister got sick and I missed out on my goodies, so the lovely Gardenia became my Angel Sister and sent me this lovely card, along with a few goodies.
Ahhh, I love having clever friends, it makes my day so special :)


Philippa Petty said...

Wow what great friends you have. Lol

Plus very talented ones. Great card's ladies.

Patrice said...

A belated happy birthday to you Leonie. Looks like you were spoilt, love all your cards :o)

Petronela said...

Hi Leonie,
I have given you a blog award, & sending lots of best wishes for your birthday, you have some very special & talented friends.