Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Forks Inspired Christmas Set

The biggest thing in my life this week, was the release of Twilight Saga's Eclipse! I know, it's a sad life, a near second was the American catty release, my oh my, what a day the 1st of July was! lol! Anyway, the release if Eclipse got me feeling all "pine tree-ey" so this morning I got up created this little set:
I love Saturday mornings, still dressed in my PJ's, sitting in my craft room...bliss! lol!
I am trying to use up all of my retiring stock, and in this case, I went for Handsome Hunter. I love this colour, but really never use it. I guess that is why it is retiring!
So, the trees represent the landscape of Forks, the sparkle on the trees (hard to see in the photography) is for the sparkle of the vampires skin and the crappy photography is a great representation of the almost constant cloud cover we are having here in Melbourne! lol!
Of course, I had to spritz all of these cards, because that is my new favourite thing to do, and the background 'en francais' is stamped in sahara sand. Some the edges are distressed and sponged with the handsome hunter ink. I have used the scallop & top note dies to shape the cards, and Christmas sentiments from various sets. Of course, that lovely tree is from the 'Lovely as a Tree' set.
On Wednesday night, some of my girlfriends and I, went to the movies to see Twilight, New Moon &, of course, Eclipse. The marathon started at 6.30pm on Wednesday and finished up just after 2am Thursday morning.
This is us at the beginning of the marathon! I don't think that anyone would want to see photos of us at the end! The top photo is Sarah & me. The bottom is Michelle, Philippa & Emily.
Ahhh, all of those young werewolf boys with no shirts on are really swaying me towards Team Jacob, but then, all Edward has to do is smile and I am straight back to Team Edward! It is a hard life...


Robyn said...

Hi Leonie! Can't say I share your passion for Edward and Jacob but I do LOVE your cards SO much!! I have never been a fan of this tree stamp or Handsome Hunter either but you have made them look WONDERFUL!!

Patrice said...

I'm team Edward all the way - such a romantic! Do love those ripped, tanned werewolves tho hee hee.

Your cards are lovely Leonie and remind me perfectly of Forks.

Debbie Pamment said...

LOVE your cards Leonie - 2 of my favourite sets - and glad you guys got your Twilight fix!!! My daughter just bought New Moon on DVD - so I will watch that with her - and play catch-up - LOL

Leigh said...

Leonie, these are such fabulous cards. Love them.

Amanda xx said...

Fantastic cards Leo! I don't think I've used handsome hunter yet but it looks great in this set...might have to dig some out and have a play!

Mandy Schiller said...

OMG Leonie I am soooo jealous! I really want to see it but I guess it will be a couple of weeks before our little cinema gets it. I would have to travel to a major centre to see it.... I love your cards as well very forks inspiring and I am the same with Handsome Hunter love it as well but never use