Monday, March 29, 2010

A Big Win!

Just wanted to share a little victory we had the night before I went on holidays. Our netball team, Team Edward, won our grand final! Yay for us! We played like rock stars, even if I do say so myself. We are just a bunch of Mum's (and 1 Nana) who like to play for social reasons, and some of the young springy zippy competitors really give us a run for our money, and I am just so proud that we finally got one in the bag! Three cheers for Team Edward, Hip hip hooray, Hip hip hooray, Hip hip hooray!
Here we are all hot & sweaty, just after our presentation! Great job girls! Here is to a great season of being slaughtered in a higher division! lol!


Sam said...

WOW...big congrats Leonie! That win must feel very good.


Alison said...

CONGRATULATIONS Team Edward. Well done girls, I'm sure you showed those younger girls a thing or two.


Philippa Petty said...

Yeah Team Edward. Yes very excited about our win. But not about this photo. I was smilling way too hard. Also trying to hide my bra in time. Never mind. At least we won.

Debbie Pamment said...

Congrats on the win - and good luck with the next season!

Robyn said...

Yeah! No wonder you were smiling "way too hard" Phillipa- what a great achievement amd a great feeling!! Great work to all of you!