Friday, August 19, 2011

What Happens at Stamp Camp...

A couple of weekends ago, I was lucky enough to get away for the weekend to attend STAMP CAMP 2011! We had so much fun, however, very little stamping took place on my table! I spent most of my time chit chatting! Lucky for the shoe box swap or I wouldn't have gotten anything done! Anyway, thought it might be fun to share some pics of our adventures.
Phil and I thought it would be so funny to take a photo of this because we believe us scrappers will photograph absolutely anything, but now we have a funny story to go with it. The place we stay is a little tricky to find, so we thought we would pave the way with pink balloons to make it easier for everyone! It did make it easier for people to find, but sadly one children's party entertainer (a young man dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow) chose to follow the balloons to our party (25 women in PJ's) rather than the kids party he was supposed to be at.

We had a door prize of course, a punched flower taped to the bottom of a chair, sadly, nobody sat in the designated chair so at the last minute, Phil & I had to think of another way to give the prize away. Quickly we stuck it under one of our raspberry & white chocolate muffins that were made for dessert. You can imagine Nina's delight when she bit into hers and found she was the lucky winner of a stamp set!
And every few hours alarm bells went off, that could only mean one thing...PRIZE PATROL! Each time the bells rang out we drew a card out of a hat, if the card matched the dsp in your lanyard you got to pick one of these cute little milk cartons with Hershy Kisses and a lucky number inside. Each number corresponded to a prize, all crafting goodies of course! Sarah, Kathryn & Yvonne were our first lucky winners!Here is Amanda, Kiley & Adele, also winners from one of the Saturday Prize Patrol :)
Years ago, Phil and I got our hands on a a WOW presentation DVD from the US. It is a little out of date but it was fun to have on, and we picked up a few tricks too.
This way we could pretend we were at convention too!

And with so much talent in the room, we had some wows of our own! We were lucky enough to get some tips for colouring with Copics from the ultimate talent Debbie P
And Alison gave us some very handy ribbon tips and tricks, including how to tie the perfect bow!
With all the stamping going on, we thought we might break it up a little and got our very own gym instructor in to give us a Zumba lesson. It was such a laugh! Zumba in pj's!
Lucky me! Got to share my birthday with these fun chickies! And, Sarah made me a yummy cake, yummy cause it was chocolate, and yummy cause she put Edward on top!mmmmm
And, speaking of cakes, check these out, this is stamping on cakes, how clever is that! These were made by the lovely Karen, who I believe won the prize for most creative creation of the weekend!
Before I got a chance to take photos of all of the other terrific creations made during the weekend my battery died :( Ahhh, you will just have to trust me that there were some amazing creations.

Philippa and I had so much fun organising this weekend, it was a huge job at a very busy time of year. Thank you for all of your efforts Phil, I had a ball sharing this experience with you, and thanks to all of the girls who came along, it was so lovely catching up with old friends and making new ones:) And an extra special thank you to the beautiful ladies who made my birthday so very special, spoiling me with gifts, cake and a sprakly feather boa xx


Debbie Pamment said...

Such fabulous memories - thanx soo much again for organising it all!

Philippa Petty said...

Sorry love just saw your post. Yes it was a fantastic time. I love catching up with all the crafty ladies. So much experience and knowledge. And of course it was fantastic to be able to organise it with you. You are a treasured friend and it's great that we have so much in common.
Love ya xx