Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Replacing Punches?

I have decided that I totally love how the new style punches store and that I will slowly replace my old ones. My plan is that each time I place an order, I will replace one or so at a time. Since making this decision, I have placed two orders and what do I do instead? Order more punches that I don't already have of course! lol! I have been holding out for the Owl punch for almost a year, thinking how much will I really use it? The other day I thought what the heck, it is so darn cute. Well, it arrived today, and here are some cute little creations:
I love the combo of crumb cake, black and bashful blue, please excuse the photos, it is a little bit late here, and I just couldn't wait :)
Anyway, best be off to bed, nighty night xx

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Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

I was exactly the same, Leonie! It took me a long time to be convinced about the owl punch ... but now I am really glad that I got it! I don't use it heaps ... but I am always happy when I do! Hugs xxaxx