Saturday, May 14, 2011

Elephant Trek

Melbourne has really turned on the weather to welcome all of the out of towners in for Convention! It is icy icy these past few days. The gloomy skies really dont help with taking great photos either, so sorry for the poor quality, but what can you do?

These pages have been floating around my mind for quite some time, and recently my hubby was away on a camping trip, so it was the perfect time to have a few girls over for a craft night! Needless to say, that not very much crafting got done, way too much talking! I did get these two pages started though, and last nights disappointing episode of glee gave me the oppotunity to finish them off.

Here is the one with Me, Mum and my youngest (2 at the time):
And here is the one with my Dad, Hubby and eldest daughter:

See what I mean about the poor photography? These two pages have a lot of texture (ipossible to see here) and natural elements. The elephants in the bottom corner are actually off a photo album that got confiscated at customs because the pages were made out of elephant dung. The nice customs lady took the elephants off the front of the album for me to keep and they were the perfect addition to the page.

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Liam said...

I love this scrapbook page. Just gorgeous. Love the inspired by nature grass. It looks very effective. Nice to see some of your work again. I am subscribed to your blog but I didn't get any of these posts on my dashboard. Strange!!! Oh well I have been off the internet so maybe I missed it. Hope you enjoyed convention.