Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Stocking

Terrible photo, I know, but I had to take it at night because I needed to deliver it the next morning. I have always wanted to make one of these cute little stocking cards, so this Christmas I made sure I did. I made a template to cut out, a bit of embossing, a dash of dsp, viola, it's done! One of the quickest cards of the season!


Sam said...

It might have been one of the quickest...but it is also one of the cutest I've seen! Love the bling for added Christmassy-ness ;-).


Juliette Chapman said...

Too cute!!! I too have wanted to make one of these but time is running out this year. Will put on my to do list for next Chrissy!!!

Debbie M said...

Too cute. Love the trim of glitter. Also really love your white/silver cards and also really, really love the chocolate/blue workshop cards (especially the one with the elegant reindeer)

Debbie M

Sylvia said...

How cute, Leonie! Hope you will have a wonderful Christmas!