Saturday, November 6, 2010

Two Page Christmas Layout

It has been my intention to scrap my girls an album each of their first 5 years. My eldest is turning 7, and hers is nowhere near finished and my youngest will be 5 next year, she has a page or two done on hers! But, I scrap what I like, and this one will be for my album of special memories. I used to be so particular about our Christmas tree and in 2008, for the first time, I let the kids have free reign on the tree decorating. It was the most beautiful tree we ever had!
I admit to having a few heart palpitations over how "un" symmetrical our tree was, but seeing how much the girls enjoyed doing it made it worth while. Now its a new Hegarty tradition, much better than the old one!

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Philippa Petty said...

These are great Leo. Love the use of the ribbon. I never know what to do with it.