Thursday, March 11, 2010


One of my favourite blogs out there in cyber space has to be Donna's over at Butternut Sage Designs, and I promise I am not just saying that because she is running this fabulous contest to win $100 shmakaroo's! This is one of the coolest candy's out there as she has asked us to try to capture "her style" in something we make. It is pretty tough to decipher one's "style" but when I really break down what I like about Donna's work I think it boils down to
a) Her great use of neutral colours or monochromatic colour themes
b) Simple designs using clean lines
c) Texture, texture, texture
d) Her ability to create & inspire
So I have tried to emulate her "style", inadequately I am sure, with a neutral colour combo, a dash of dry embossing and a tribute to her passion for creativity and inspiring others in my sentiment. I would also like to mention that I really appreciate the number of personal emails Donna has sent to me in response to comments I have left on her blog. It is so nice to be acknowledged and they always leave a big ol' smile on my face. Thanks Donna, for a great contest, for your truly inspiring work that you so happily share with others, and your kind nature which shines through in each and every post :)


Debbie Pamment said...

Fabulous "Donna" card Leonie!!! I think you have her pegged to a T!Good luck!!! I'm going to try Donna's "style" this weekend - will have to hold off on the flowers - LOL.

Hypnosis Downloads said...

Wow, amazing. You can win any ones heart with these types of cards. You have got lots of talent in you. Thanks for sharing with everyone.

Butternutsage said...

Thank you Leonie! Yopu captured my monotone style and polka dot texture! My favorite! Thanks so much for playing along, and best of luck in the drawing. I'll be sending you info for the consolation prizes too! ~Donna

Philippa Petty said...

This is a lovely card. I love the use of colour on the flowers. Great sentiment.