Sunday, December 13, 2009

Balloons & Stuff!

My friend Phil found this fabulous kind of card in the American catalogue and I fell in love with it, and just had to make one for myself. It is such a pretty and effective result, I love it! Philippa did one in red & green which looked stunning also, click here to check it out!
And speaking of my clever and talented friend, Philippa. I just wanted to blow her trumpet a bit because the Christmas card I received from her is so gorgeous, she deserves a toot! Look how clever she is:
Very hard to photograph because of the acetate, but you definitely get the idea. And you should see it sparkle when you shake it! Blinding! lol! Now, speaking of clever and talented friends, we went to visit our good friends Tom & Narelle today, and Tom is the most amazing balloon artist I have ever seen! His creations blow my mind! So of course, we can never leave their house with out the kids getting a balloon, look how tricky he is:
And of course, we can never get home without popping at least one of the balloons! Check out Daffy's deflated legs! lol! Poor Matilda was beside herself!


Philippa Petty said...

Thanks for the horn blowing lovey. I really enjoyed making the card and am very glad you like it.

Tom is a very clever man. Tara keeps asking for a magic show next year for her birthday. Thank god that's a while away.

Sam said...

Your Christmas tree is beautiful Leonie, and yes, Phillipa's card is stunning! I will go and check out her blog much fun finding new blogs!

Love the balloon art....that would be a very handy skill to have in a house with little'd always have a trick up your sleeve for emergencies :-).

Have a good one!

Leigh said...

Oh I love your Christmas tree card Leonie. The acetate card is gorgeous. Great balloons too.