Sunday, November 22, 2009

Woody, Wedding and introducing Princess Sparkle

A friend of ours recently lent Logan a hat from their Toy Story "Woody" costume for her school concert, so I decided to make a card to say thank you. I swear, you can make almost anything with punches, they are such a good investment!And my sister in law, Rochelle, had asked me to make a Wedding card for her, she was off to the wedding of a friend from work. (Just as I finished the card I dropped it onto my grey stamp pad and marked the top of the dress - I fixed it up but no time to take a new photo)
The staff had all gone in on a present, so they needed a card that had a fair bit of room for everyone to write a message on, so I matted some white card stock on each of the panels so there was plenty of room.
And we have a new member of our family to introduce. This is Matilda's new kitten Princess Sparkle, she loves to sit on the window sill in my craft room and sleep in the sun. She is pretty cute, and so far, not much trouble. We have never had a cat before, so it is all new to us. Matilda is very happy, she has such a way with animals and her and Princess Sparkle were instant friends!


Leigh said...

Two great cards. Love how you've made Woody and the wedding card looks lovely with lots of room for everyone to sign.
Aaawwww isn't Princess Sparkle so cute?

Sam said...

Hi Leonie, the Toy Story punch art. You are awesome with punch made Upsy Daisy some time back didn't you? Fabulous!

Love the wedding card too. UGH re: dropping it in the ink....I do that sort of thing all the time.

Best wishes,

PS. No Eddy stayed at home while I went to see NM. He could have come, because the seat next to me was empty...but I didn't want to scare the other movie goers too badly ;-).

PPS. Princess Sparkle is very cute! Does she sprakle yet? Sitting in your craft room, she probably will before long ;-).

Debbie Pamment said...

Fabulous job on BOTH cards - but have to say Princess Sparkle is the cutest!!! And how did I miss Logan's card - every bit as talented as mum - what a fantastic idea for the kid's challenge!!! So we'll be seeing Logan at the next Stamp Camp - LOL.

Annette Bowes said...

Beautiful wedding card, you are just to clever with the punches! Sparkle is beautiful, I daresay you have the keep your ribbons well out of reach lol. Take CareX:)

Philippa Petty said...

These are great cards. You are so the punch queen. And love the wedding card. Very tricky

LeAnne said...

Fun cards, especially the princess's! And isn't your new little kitten just adorable! TFS!

Liam said...

Both cards are fab. Love the wedding one. I have seen something like this on Splitcoast but yours is just amazing. Thanks for sharing another great idea.


Me, My Stamps and I said...

how darling !!!!!!!!!!!!great layout and design!!!!


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