Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Most Anticipated Day of the Year (for Twilighters at least)

November and December are very busy for birthdays in our circle, especially for my friend Phil who had 2 sons, born 10 years apart, a week apart from each other. Last week saw her first born, James, turn 16, and today is Cameron's 6th birthday. Her Cameron and my Logan are only a few weeks apart (we met in mothers group, nearly 6 years ago). Anyways, I made this card for James (in Melbourne, you can get your learners permit from the age of 16-poor Phil!lol!) I cant remember where I got this idea from, I know it is not original, if the idea was yours let me know and I will give credit!
Now, as a Mother of 2 girls I really have no idea when it comes to boys, but I hear this Ben 10 guy is pretty popular at the moment, so I googled him and it appears as though he has a special watch that looks something like this:So hopefully I got it right, and the watch is significant, otherwise Cameron will just think he got a very strange card from Logan & Matilda.

Now if you have not heard that the movie New Moon was released at 12.01am this morning, I do not know what planet you have been living on, but my friend Philippa, Sarah and myself filled ourselves full of caffine yesterday and went to see a 9.30pm session of Twilight followed by New Moon at 12.30am this morning (all of us have little kids so this was a very brave move!) Let me tell you it was worth it, but I am very torn...I have always been Team Edward all the way but my gosh Jacob looked mighty fine, I am thinking of changing teams! Anyway, we were sooooo excited last night, here is a terrible picture of us waiting for Twlight to start:
Sorry to use the one where your head is chopped off Phil, but I had way too many chins in all the others!
PS. just wanted to say thanks so much for the get well wishes for everyone, both girls are still recovering, this bug has really taken hold, but we are getting there! And, I am so sorry not to have been leaving any comment love out there in blog land, but with all the sickies, birthdays and New Moon, I really have not had any spare time, I will be back to see what you have all been up to next week :)


Kylie said...

Wow, you have been busy. Great cards. I'm sure they will love them.
Kylie xo

Philippa Petty said...

Wow these cards look great. Cam will so get the ben 10 one. Oh and on the card for James I made one for Jake last month so maybe you cased it from me. But then maybe I cased it from someone else. So you never know.

Love the photo. Can you send me the photo's and I will put the best one of me on my blog. Lol. Mind you I don't think any of them where fantastic. But what a great night. I can't wait for next year.

LeAnne said...

So fun to see you guys....although I am not on the Twilight bandwagon, I know lots of people who are! Glad you had fun!

Mandy Schiller said...

oooooh I loved it two Leonie! I went and seen it in Sydney on the weekend after the regionals. I was always definately team edward as well but u no after seeing the new jacob I could easily swap over!


PS: the cards are great as well...

Pene said...

My 4 year old loves that card!! he had an Omnitrix birthday cake - Ben 10 rules!!!!!