Thursday, October 1, 2009

Shimmering Fabulous-ness

Hi all, did ya miss me? I missed you all too :) I thought it was about time I dusted the cobwebs off my blog, and what better way than with a touch of diamonds, dazzling diamonds, that is! lol!Sorry for the poor quality of photos, I will try to take some more in the morning, it is very overcast here in Melbourne today. Now, these cards do look so much more dazzling in real life, but I think you get the general idea, pretty huh? and so easy to do. Just cover your piece of card stock in versamark and coat with heat and stick powder. Heat it up until the powder melts, then pour your glitter over the top. Heat again for a couple of seconds to set and viola'!
And, this card I made just before going away last week. I used a retired set called haute couture and I printed the sentiment off my computer. I know I didn't make this sentiment up, but I have no idea where I heard it, but I thought it was appropriate anyway.
Now, I am going to bore you all with some pictures from our camping trip. This here is little Miss Matilda with her new fishing rod. Unfortunately, it only snagged us a carp, but it was fun anyway, and she was mighty proud of it.
And this is my gorgeous Miss Logan. We were sitting in the back of the Ute on our way home from a very eventful day of rabbiting with nets, an experience let me tell you! She looked so happy sitting there, I couldn't help but dive for the camera.
And this is a picture of me and Matilda stampin in the bush, I surly couldn't leave ALL my stuff at home, I mean, what if we got robbed!


Philippa Petty said...

About time we saw some more masterpieces. And I do mean the beautiful pictures of the girl's. Lol. Great photo's. Love the cross promotion of the tupperware drink bottles in the background.

Debbie Pamment said...

WOW Leonie - I can only imagine how good those card look IRL - soooo blingy!!!
Gorgeous holiday snaps too - glad to see you took your stamping along - LOL

yvonne said...

LOVE the bling Leonie!!! gorgeous cards xx

Robyn said...

Hi Leonie! Surely did miss you-welcome back! Great photos !

Leigh said...

Fabulous glitter cards Leonie. Love the pics of the family. OMG you did take some supplies with you.

Susannah Iredale said...

Looks like you guys had a fabulous holiday. Great bling cards too.