Thursday, February 26, 2009

Twilight Tuesday Challenge - Capture Italy

If you follow my blog you will know that I am quite a fan of the Twilight series but let me tell you, there is a whole alternate universe out there that worships the Twilight series! I take my hat off to these people, they seriously know EVERYTHING about Twilight! I am not so Twilight savvy, but I really loved the books, I saw the movie 3 times, I am waiting with baited breath for the DVD release, and even more so for the New Moon Movie to be released (268 days, 4 hours, 50 minutes and 36 seconds but who is counting), and now I am playing along with the Twilight Tuesday challenge. This weeks challenge was to try to capture "whatever takes your fancy about Italy". My husbands family is Italian, so I considered doing a scrap book page devoted to my "Italian Stallion" husband (lol) but my mind fell upon another path. Reflecting on New Moon, where the story is mostly based in Volterra Italy, I asked myself what is the thing that stands out most to me about Volterra? And I answer "It's the home of the Volturi" - the most powerful coven of Vampires in the world! So here is my entry, thanks for an awesome and fun challenge!
And, if you have not read the Twilight series, please do yourself a huge favour and read it! I have not met a soul who has not fallen in love with the Cullen family since reading the book!


Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie,
I did here back from you after sending you an e-mail with the purse attached, so I mailed it for the trid time in an envelope just like the one I mailed Logan's birthday card in. I am frustrated that you can not get MY MAIL. Oh, you can delete this when you get it! It is my only way to communicate with you as well!

Anonymous said...

Great page! There are so many lovely things about it. I have not gotten to scrapbook in awhile. I am busy as ever!

Anonymous said...

Oh my that is so cool! I love your take on this. :D We're so happy to have you playing along!! :D

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

Brilliantly done! Great pic!
Thanks for joining in with us - I look forward to seeing more of your creations :)
xo, margie

Philippa Petty said...

Go the Volturi. The Cullen's are mine. Keep your hand's off or else. You never know when you will be lead down a dark alley and never to be seen again.

Oh and yes, love the card. He He He

Sam said...

Very groovy card Leonie. You just reminded me how much I am DYING for the DVD to come out too. Not long now :-).

Scrapin Mel said...

Hey Leonie, I was reading you comment over at Scrappy Happy _ Sandy. Please don't delete your first couple of pages off your blog as it is great to see how your style changes and grows over time. Enjoy yourself and relish from the past. Keep on showing us your creative side, as it helps to give all of us inspiration. Cheers Melissa