Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's in the Mail

I just love getting mail (that is not bills of course) and my girls are following in my footsteps. All the Christmas cards arriving each day nearly sent them over the edge...Anyway, 2 very exciting things arrived with our post today. The first was for Miss Logan, and it came all the way from America (so she keeps telling everyone and anyone who will listen) Sylvia Nelson made it for Logan's 5th Birthday in December and sent it over to her, which was very exciting for her, and I was so pleased also, you see, I have only ever met Sylvia in blog land, so I think it was a really kind thing to do. Her card is actually quite gorgeous! I know it looks great on screen but soooo much better IRL. Thank you to Sylvia for going to the trouble, and for making Logan's day! Everyone should check out Sylvia's Blog, she has some incredible work there!
And the second exciting thing to arrive was a simply scrummy candle from Kellie Winnell as blog candy that I won just before Christmas. Also enclosed was this little booklet which contains sticky notes,
And, this gorgeous card. That ribbon is just mmm, I think I have a bit of a crush on it!lol! I seriously admire anyone who can tie a decent bow, but that bow is perfect! I would be putting bows on everything that stood still long enough if I could tie one that well! Anyway, thanks Kellie, the candle smells simply divine, and I loved the little extras you threw in, you made my day :)
I couldn't resist putting a close up!lol!


Philippa Petty said...

Oh my goodness. What a lovely surprise in your letterbox today. I agree what a great bow Kellie. Maybe you should have a bow tying workshop and I defiantly will come.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the card. Let me know when the little ones birthday is, earley enough and I will surprise her, too. When we lived overseas, mail from someone at home was always specal to my children. I love sending and sharing with everyone! That's my happiness and I am so glad I met you blogging!

Kellie said...

Oh I'm so glad you liked it Leonie, and that you love my bow, lol. At least I know if I ever need to send you a card in future I'll always have a winner with a bow, haha. xx

P.s Lol Philippa now there is a thought!