Thursday, December 11, 2008

Commotion in the Ocean

Unfortunately, this set has go the better of me. I just cant seem to do anything creative with the new Ocean Commotion set from the Summer Mini! I had wanted to so a "Stair fold card" for some time, there are loads on SCS (see links), and I thought this would be the perfect set to try it out on. My idea was that the little "step" would be like the garden bed with shells and sand, then you would see fishies swimming behind, and sea horses towards the top of the ocean. I really don't think I pulled it off very well at all, but for lack of anything else to post I am putting it up! I did get to use loads of my markers, so that was good, and there is actually a funny story behind the use of crystal effects. I was eating potato chips at the time, and I accidentally left a greasy mark on the top of the card, so I had to cover it up, with something. Onto a much happier note, Miss Muffet had her Kinder Concert on Tuesday night. She was so cute, and so shy! Which is really surprising because at home she is far from a shrinking violet, but on stage she got a little overwhelmed. She had loads of support in the audience, which may or may not have helped, but she DID do a terrific job, as did the rest of the kids. After their performance, they each got to dress up in a graduation gown and were presented with a certificate. So cute! This is Logan and her certificate. Definitely brought a tear to my eye! She will be off to school before i know it :(


Kellie said...

WOW I love all the colours Leonie, it just looks amazing! Love it!
How cute is she in her graduation gown, that is just adorable!
Kellie xx

Philippa Petty said...

Oh my god, she looks fantastic. Even brings a tear to my eyes just looking at the photo. Our Logie bear has grown up and off to school. I can't believe how big the kid's are. Last night I said to James un stack the dishwasher and Cameron goes. "I'm 5 now mum, I can do it." How cute was that? I know it wont last.

♥ Kristy Woods ♥ said...

I think the card is gorgeous Leonie! Oh and I had my sons kinder concert monday too cute, he has his last day this upcoming monday so sad that soon he will be a school boy :(

Judy said...

Logan looks so grown up. What a cute idea the Kindy had. Love your step card. I also have trouble with the Ocean Commotion set as well. I'm glad that you liked the card.