Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Color Challenge - URRR!!!!

This is exactly what I needed today, a distraction! Not such a great week for me, but oh well, that can happen sometimes, so thank you Kristina for a challenge that was waaaayyy out of my comfort zone and has really got me baffled!lol!! and not thinking about the my troubles. Here are the colors:I am so not an orange, red or green person, let alone putting them together on one card. In my mind I was thinking something leafy, perhaps a big flower but nothing would come. I have a workshop in 2 weeks where I want to demonstrate this technique so I thought I would put it all together here for some practice. I am not overly happy with this card but...I did get to practice the technique, and I did decide to use totally different colors for the demonstration, so in a way, mission accomplished!lol!
Now, making a card has lifted my spirits a little, as did a chat with my friend Phil. I have made a hair dressers appointment for later today, I have my new P!NK album on and I am heading out for a dinner party tonight, all of a sudden my day looks brighter. To cap things off I thought I would share a photo of the true light in my life, my girls Logan and Matilda. Logan has a dress up day at Kinder today so she has dressed up as Ariel, red hair and all, so of course Matilda had to have colored hair too. Cheeky monkey! I almost forgot to say that the original inspiration for this card came from Yvonne Campbell (see side link for her blog), and I used the pricelss stamp set:)


Karen said...

Leonie - your card is lovely!!!

You did so well with this challenge!

Thanks for stopping by my blog too - am glad you like what you see!


Philippa Petty said...

Love the girls hair. They are getting more like their Aunty Phil now with the red hair. He He. Can't wait for tonight. See you soon lovey. Kiss Kiss

stamp and scrape said...

You made a great job with these colours - very pretty card.
My 16 year old daughter walked past as I got to the photo of your girls, and we both said ahhh in unison!

Carol Dunstan said...

I love how you have used the colours, that set makes them look really pretty too

Butternutsage said...

oh my goodness what adorable littel darlin's I just want to kiss those cheeks! Oh! Your card is great too! LOL!!! Have a great day ~Donna

Anonymous said...

Love the card. You did not say what technique you were using. Digital photography makes it so hard to tell somtimes. Great job anyway. Always enjoy seeing your cards in the inspiration.

LeAnne said...

Both the card and the children are adorable!!!
PS: Thanks for visiting my blog, too!