Monday, September 29, 2008

School Holiday Fun in the Sun

I always find the school holidays can be a really tough time to try and keep the kids entertained without spending loads of cash (save it for new stamps! lol!) and coming home from somewhere totally exhausted too.

This weekend our beautiful Spring weather was very kind to us so our gorgeous girls spent some time out in the sun "washing their cars". Miss Logan is in the red(she has decided that I don't chose matching clothes and that her dress sense is far better than mine. I just love the red tee, camouflage skirt and purple stockings) and Little Miss Matilda is the one in the pink(she was put out because her hat was purple instead of pink).

It is amazing how much time kids can spend playing with water, and how many different games they can play. They also washed their cubby, the oven in the cubby, the dog (poor thing), the swing set, the trampoline and the pergola too. I often just get out a container of water and they play with a tea set, animals, pretend fishing, pretend painting, wet chalk and even just pouring water from one container to another or making wet footprints can keep them entertained for ages.

Anyway, the girls had a ball and I just thought I would share it with you. Hope you enjoy the rest of the school break :)

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Philippa Petty said...

What a lovely picture. I agree, water play is great. Don't you just love Spring.